by Valhearst

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To Laure Anne and Lionel.


released October 7, 2015

Mix and mastering by Moulin Sonore.
Artwork by Pasca Rt

Thanks to Tieppo, Laetitia Cats, Marie, Jany, Yves, Cyril, Violetta, Gilles. Moulin Sonore.



all rights reserved


Valhearst Saint Étienne, France

Valhearst is the musical project of Pascaline Raphaëlle. In 2007 she began to produce albums made by noises and voices. Since May, 2011, she produces and finances her music. She brought out some albums in the style new wave, electro music and trip hop.
She is mainly influenced by The Cure and Björk.
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Track Name: Heartbeat (a part of me)

Since you are there
In my mind
I walk with you
Sharing a light
I never did before
It's now new for me

My heart beats
Much faster

With all the sounds

With your sounds

Oh it beats much louder
With your sounds
I invent mine
For myself

With you

Lyrics : Pasca Rapha
Track Name: Zechs words
Zechs words

How funny, and strong you are
You make me feel I want to be like you
But it's only fiction
Fiction I say

Funny invincible
You are inside of me
A schizo one I've got inside
A dark part of who I am

To win battles again and again
Is a reason to live
« I'll make my imprint in this world
I'll destroy the original »

I enjoy this world
Just like you

« I'll prove I deserve to hear from your mouth
I won't die until I've made my glory here. »

The best of the world
Here were Zechs words

Lyrics : Pasca Rapha
Inspired of "GUNNM Last Order" manga story by Yukito Kishiro
Track Name: Next to the river
Gibberish by Pasca Rapha
Track Name: Des papillons
Des papillons

Je suis une artiste naturelle,
Je suis comme telle,
Une peintre, une musicienne,
Sans jalousie, sans haine,
Je fais ce que j'aime,
Moi la bohème

Ma peinture,
C'est une écorchure
De ma vie d'avant,
Et de tout ce que je ressens,
Je m'exprime en elle,
A travers cet irréel,
Ce monde fait mes pensées
Me sert à m'extérioriser

Ma musique, ma grande passion,
que je vis à fond,
j'aime ce que je fais,
même si cela déplaît,
mes instruments sont mes compagnons,
nous sommes comme des papillons,
libres de jouer,
des airs enjoués

Je suis une artiste à part entière,
je suis guitariste, entre autres
et j'en suis fière,
de mon parcours, de ce que j'ai réussi,
je suis une artiste pleine de vie,
entouré d'amis,
qui me soutiennent et me suivent

Lyrics : Laetitia Cats
Track Name: No smile
No smile today

Gibberish by Pasca Rapha
Track Name: Mr Big Bang (with Cyril)
Mr Big Bang

Mr Big Bang and I
We're good mates
We're doing music
Like we breathe

Love the rhythm
Love the blues
And we invent
And we laugh

Mr Big bang and I
When we met
With our guitars
It's a feeling we had

The album we made
Is a patchwork
Of great sounds
And some fun for us

We are funny and like it
We are happy and smiling
Everything is clean
With Mr Big Bang

Lyrics : Pasca Rapha
Guitar played by Cyril Cottin
Track Name: Your mum (with Laetitia)
Your mum

Gibberish & rythm
(by Laetitia Cats)

Your mother is here
For you it's clear

You love her
Your saviour
She's there now
To heal

Your mum is here
For you it's clear
You love her, your saviour
She's there now to heal

Lyrics : Laetitia Cats
(translated from french to english by Pasca Rapha)
Track Name: Zerlingravur (with Tieppo)
Zerling language invented by Tieppo
Track Name: Low walk (with Jany & Yves)
Low walk

Extract of "Nachtblind" by Undine Gruenter.
(english translation read by Jany)

Extract of "Chacun sa chimère" by Baudelaire
(original text read by Yves)
Track Name: Precisely (with Marie)

You'll specify why your heart beats
And why you can't stop thinking of her
Why she's never far from you

Because your dreams went to her
Since many months, you hang up to her image
You suffer and cry
You run after a ghost

You don't need to spell her name
When your heart beats so loud
A future without her scares you
Love makes a fool of you
Feel bad to know her out of reach
Talk to her but won't touch her

Your heart aches to feel her both far and next
You wanted to tale her away, out of your mind
To leave her from your brain
Insisted to exchange, went to see her
Then dispair of how you cannot obtain her

But why would she be yours ?

Complete poem "Die Lorelei" by Heinrich Heine
read by Marie B.

Lyrics : Pasca Rapha